PP Woven Sacks

Whatever be your packaging and bulk transportation requirement, you will find a suitable product in our comprehensive range.

Standard PP Woven Sacks - - we offer quality PP Woven Bags that are extensively used in grain packaging and many other packaging industries. Our tailor-made solutions are also available with this qualitative range to meet the clients’ specific requirements and demands.
  • PP Sugar Bags – Sugar Bags Sugar Bags are available with liners. Specially Designed Bags are available with proper brandings. Food Grade Materials are used for making these bags. In certain cases Laminated Bags with perforation can also be considered.
  • Dustproof Bags – These Bags are needed for products which are powdery in nature and are stitched in a special manner so as to block needle holes thereby preventing sifting of powder from bags.
  • PP Salt Bags – We offer Laminated Bags which are used in salt industries. These are laminated and can be printed with customer’s design, logo and other production details.
  • PP Grain Bags – we are offering them PP Grain Bags with Liners .. These are used in Food Grains Packaging industries. These ensure the moisture free and better sealing to the grains and protect them from dust.