Jumbo Bags/Big Bags/Fibc

Whatever be your packaging and bulk transportation requirement, you will find a suitable product in our comprehensive range.

Standard Circular / 4 Panel Jumbo Bags - with or without liner

Baffle / Q Bag / Formstable Bags - These bags have baffle restraints stitched onto all corners of the bag which prevent the bags from expanding beyond a point. Mainly these bags are used where cargo has to be containerised or space has to be saved.

  • Standard Circular / 4 Panel Jumbo Bags – Laminated or Unlaminated.
  • Dustproof Bags – These bags are needed for products which are powdery in nature and are stitched in a special manner so as to block needle holes thereby preventing sifting of powder from bags.
  • Sling Bags – These are mainly used to carry 20 to 40 bags of 50 kg each. Thus, it is an outer bag which enables easy carrying or mechanical handling of small bags without using pallets.